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We convert water & moisture-damaged
buildings into problem-free structures


We specialize in the following waterproofing systems:

  • Acrylics
  • Rubberised bitumen
  • Cementitious
  • Bituthene
  • Torch-ons

Some examples of tiled patio waterproofing projects appear below:

Example 1

Tiles, existing screed & old waterproofing being removed New waterproofing system being applied
New waterproofing system being applied Sealing of joints
Tiles laid and expansion
joints cut


Example 2

Balcony leaking into ceilings below due to failure of existing waterproofing.
1. Tiles, tile cement and old waterproofing removed and carted away from site.

2. Demolition process
3. Perma-CURE truck used to cart rubble away from site 4. Existing slab waterproofed with Perma-Cure waterproofing products.
5. All weep hole outlets waterproofed thoroughly. 6. New screed to falls applied to newly waterproofed slab.
7. New sand and cement screed laid to falls and into water outlets. 8. New precision laid tiles.
9. Expansion joints cut into screed. 10. Correct primer inserted into joint to receive Polyurethane joint filler.
11. Insertion of joint filler into newly cut expansion joints. 12. Contract completion.
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