Perma-Cure carries out a range of professional services to convert your water & moisture-damaged building into a problem-free structure.

We offer 4 levels of dampproofing that have guarantees of up to 10 years with our Permaplast systems. Our dampproofing involves removing old plaster, drilling and injecting an artificial chemical damp proof course into each bare brick, tanking the bare brick wall surfaces and re-plastering the wall surfaces to match the existing finish on the walls.

  • Painting / Coating

We offer 3 levels of coating that have guarantees of up to 10 years with our Permacoat painting and coating systems. Coating is done by hydroblasting and anti-fungusing walls, and then applying a solvent-based primer and several coats of acrylic to wall surfaces depending on the procedure chosen by the client. These procedures will be explained to our future customers.

  • Ground water control

Ground water control involves installation of drainage systems to lower the water table level thereby converting water damaged basement areas into dry, livable areas 

  • Basement Conversions

We utilise water diversion techniques on cellars and basements to convert them into damp free areas. We can convert your unused cellar or basement into a dry, damp-free, livable area.

  • Dry Rot / Wet Rot

Prevent health problems caused by dry and wet rot.

  • Lightweight Foam Concrete Screed

This is a cement based product that gets applied to an existing screed and can also be applied on top of tiles.

Colour cement application can be used for interior or exterior purposes, applied on floors and walls.Its purpose is to provide a strong, durable finish.

Colour cement application are finished with 2 layers of clear, industrial roll-on polyurethane in either matte, satin,or gloss with a non-slip coating.

Float & Finish gives a mottled effect to a floor giving a rustic feel to the finish. Surfaces ranges between 3-6mm thickness Floated And finished 3 Times to perfection with a variety of colours to suit your home or business decor.

Wall Plaster can be applied to a cement plaster,over tiles or any previously painted surface. This product has a smooth, waterproof finish designed to be applied in bathrooms, showers and counter tops.

  • Seamless Gutters

Seamless guttering & replacing of rotten timber, fascia & barge boards – find out about our guttering services.

  • Crack Repair

We repair surface, hairline and structural cracks.

  • Consulting Services

Accurate dampproofing, waterproofing and painting & coating consulting services offered, with full reports and project managment services if required.

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